ASCO 2019, 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology will be conducted between 31 May and 04 Jun 2019 at Chicago, Illinois USA. It’s regarding Medical, Health, Breast Cancer, Oncology, Cancer, Medical Oncology, Cancer Treatment, Immunotherapy, Colorectal Cancer, Skin Cancer, Cancer Prevention, Melanoma, Pediatric Oncology, Gynecologic Cancer and Tumor Biology.
The guides contain space for patients to record the specifics of their individual diagnosis and treatment plan. With the number of cancer patients projected to grow dramatically in the years ahead in the United States and worldwide, we must do everything possible to ensure that we are well-positioned to deliver the care they will need. Yet, anticipating—and preparing for—the future is an absolute necessity for the oncology field.
ASCO International supports the professional development of early-career oncologists from all over the world. We are here to mentoring and research collaboration programs, fellowships, and grants. We are sharing knowledge and training they receive through the program with colleagues in their home countries once they return, and to work to integrate palliative care into heir oncology practice settings.In this year more than 38,500 attendees will take participate in the Annual Meeting. This Oncology Cancer Progress, an interactive, data-rich resource that explores major advances across the Oncology field, has been updated to highlight the significant contribution federal research funding has made in advancing the treatment and care of patients with Oncology. The latest Oncology therapies based on clinical benefit, side effects, and improvements in patient symptoms or quality of life.

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